The Dynamic Body Rating Scale (Part 1)

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Dynamic Body Rating Scale - DBRS - is a two part 3D scale in which the user have to choose between 80 figures of different size which vary from underweight to overweight.

In the first part of the scale, the size of the figure grows more than proportionally in the lower part of the body; in the second part the size of the figure grows proportionally.

Subjects are asked to choose the figures that they think reflect their current and their ideal body sizes. The discrepancy between these two measures is an indication of their level of dissatisfaction: Body Dissatisfaction Index.

Please use the controller to modify the size of the two silhouettes.

Here rate your IDEAL BODY

What figure best represents your ideal body shape?

Here rate your REAL BODY

What figure best represents your current body shape?

Insert here the scores for:

Ideal Body (1-80)    Real Body (1-80)

Body Dissatisfacion Index 1

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