Networking Health: Prescriptions for the Internet

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Consumer health websites have garnered considerable media attention, but only begin to scratch the surface of the more pervasive transformations the Internet could bring to health and health care. Networking Health examines ways in which the Internet may become a routine part of health care delivery and payment, public health, health education, and biomedical research. Building upon a series of site visits, this book:
  • Weighs the role of the Internet versus private networks in uses ranging from the transfer of medical images to providing video-based medical consultations at a distance.
  • Reviews technical challenges in the areas of quality of service, security, reliability, and access, and looks at the potential utility of the next generation of online technologies.
  • Discusses ways health care organizations can use the Internet to support their strategic interests and explores barriers to a broader deployment of the Internet.
  • Recommends steps that private and public sector entities can take to enhance the capabilities of the Internet for health purposes and to prepare health care organizations to adopt new Internet-based applications.

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Front Matter
Executive Summary
1 Overview and Introduction
2 Health Applications of the Internet
3 Technical Challenges
4 Organizational Challenges to Adoption of the Internet
5 Issues For Public Policy
6 Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendix A: Site Visit Summaries
Appendix B: National Library of Medicine Awards to Demonstrate Health Applications
Appendix C: Biographies of Committee Members
Appendix D: Individuals Who Briefed the Study Committee

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